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Biker Dictionary

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#81 - The eighth and first letters of the alphabet which are H and A which might stand for anything beginning with those letters including such things as the Hells Angels. Their colors are red and white and they are sometimes referred to as "the red and white", the HA's, the Angels,"81" and the big red machine. The center patch is a winged skull or a winged death head. They the single most well known clubs in the world. The HA's went global back in the nineteen seventies and today have chapters on just about every continent. Slogan (HAFFHA) meaning Hell's Angels Forever, Forever Hell's Angles

Asian Motorcycles - Known as rice burners or rice rockets they are totally unacceptable for club life without exception.

Associate - This is a term coined by the cops to describe people who hang out with the club but that are not members usually as "known associates". In all reality it means diddly shit. It is not a term I have ever heard a member use in describing a friend of the club. Friends of the club mean just that! They are not members or prospects they are just friends. How hard is that to fathom? You know like you have a flesh and blood brother making him a relative and then you have a best friend he's a friend not a relative. Get it. Its the same damn thing.

Ball Peen Hammer - This is a tool used by many motorcycle riders usually kept in their tool bag. This hammer is not to be confused with a cannon, or a gun, or a knife, as law enforcement would like you to. Let's face it even a water balloon can be considered to be a weapon it's not it's just a damn water balloon!

Bandanna's -
Beat Down -

Biker Jewelry - Club jewelry varies from club to club depending on their center patch art in most cases. Most clubs give rings and or belt buckles rewarding the members years as a member amongst other things. Those other things are none of your business. It is a sign of reward or appreciation not unlike that of many other clubs or organizations. The Red and White utilize the "Death Head" which is a winged skull from their center patch on items such as rings and belt buckles. The Devil Diciples use the "Wheel and crossed tridents" from their center patch on their jewelry. Warlocks have the Phoenix and the Outlaws their skull with crossed pistons and on it goes depending on their club logo.

Bitch -

Coyote Ugly - Unlike the newly named bars that have been popping up all over the USA for some years now. There they feature really attractive women do not let that fool you. The original meaning of coyote ugly is a special degree of unattractiveness; that is often times hard to explain to your friends. Who find it nearly impossible to believe that you could have gotten your self that drunk! True coyote ugly is when you find the person lying next to you is so damn ugly that you would rather chew your own arm off rather than wake the ugly fucker up! That my friend is coyote ugly!!

Cop Clubs - This blows me away every time I see them rolling down the road. Their membership includes everything from uniform officers to the suit and tie types. Now go with me here. All week long they do their jobs which might include busting you guessed it one percent motorcycle clubs. Now the weekend comes and they dress up all leathered out trying to make themselves look as hardcore as possible. They are trying to emulate the guys they bust all week. Whats wrong with this picture? I guess trying to look like an outlaw biker is the only way they can get laid!

Female Terms -

Family Club - There are thousands of family style riding clubs across the US. Although they may wear a three piece patch. They may also dress much like the one percenter's they are not and should not be confused with an outlaw club. While some of their members bitch about being lumped into the same pile with the bad boys they continue to emulate their style. Kinda makes me think there's a lot more wannabe's out there than you might think minus the balls to go for broke!

Flying Colors -

Hang a Round - A term used to describe someone who maybe interested in becoming a member who is also someone the club is watching very closely.

Hog Member - HOG stands for Harley Owners Group. Anyone can be a Hog member if you buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The purchase alone buys you the first years membership fees. There are groups all over the USA sponsored by local Harley dealers. On the up side it can be a fun way to meet other people that ride and become part of a group with like interests. The down side are the HOG groups that try to emulate their fantasies of being outlaw bikers making it comical. In those cases I have heard them referred to as "Hardly Outlaw Gang"! I guess that says it all.

Incognito -
Ink or Inked -
Jail Break -
Jesus Clubs -
Junk -

Knucklehead - Is a reference to an early Harley motor built between 1936-1947. It had a 61 cubic inch motor and the rocker boxes resembled knuckles hence the nickname.

Mama -
MC -
Member -

Memory Patches - Or "In Memory of Patches" are just that. They are in memory of a fallen friend or loved one. One percenters are a sentimental bunch often wearing multiple patches in memory of lost loved and respected brothers. However memory patches are worn on vests by riders of all stripes to honor someone they have lost. These patches are usually worn on the sides of the vest or cut but for non patch holders there is no correct location for placement of the patch.

Motorcycle - T
One Per center -
One Piece Patch-

Pack - This has nothing to do with a suitcase. This term refers to a group of motorcycles riding together down a street or highway all with the same purpose or destination. Don't refer to yourself and one other rider as a pack because it will make you look like more of an idiot than you already are. Four of you are not a pack either your just a group of friends out for a Sunday putt! Oh yea, if you are out riding and you should see an actual pack of bikes do not feel free to go and join them. You are not invited and in most cases you will be "Run Off".

Panhead -
Party girl -

Patch - Another term for the symbol of the club worn with pride on the back of their vest or cutoff.

Patched In -
Patches for Sale -
Pea Pad -
Pipes -
Plain Back-

Poker Run - Poker runs are common ways of making money for a club or organization. Depending on the event it can be five card draw and the best hand wins. There is an entry fee of some nominal amount then the riders are given their first card. They are also given directions to the second location; where the same thing takes place. Finally at the fifth and last stop; which usually involves a beer or two and some food the hosting club asks who has the best hand beginning with a royal flush then continues down from there. Whoever has the best hand is usually guaranteed to win a pot of cash of some previously specified denomination. It's a fun day riding from location to location and winning is always fun. It's a win, win day for everyone.

Property "of" Patches-
Prospect -
Prospect Kit -
Pulling a Patch -
Punk -
Rake -

Rat - This is an old school term from back way back in the thirties gangster slang which is sometimes still used today. It denotes someone who has talked to the cops and shared information. Thus making themselves an informant, a squealer or a snitch and my favorite the lowly rat. Of course It may also be used as "rat bastard" or "fucking rat bastard" take your pick. Either way it is nothing to aspire to. To quote the old gangsters you may find yourself sleeping with the fishes.

Rat Bike - d

R.I.C.O -
Riding Bitch -
Road Captain - A member with excellent riding skills and a fast reliable bike. He will need both to ensure the safety of the pack.

Rocker -
Run -
Run Off -
Sanctioned -
Sergeant of Arms -
Secretary -
Skank -

Slut - Let me be clear a slut is a slut she is not a whore. There is a distinct difference between the two. The difference is cold hard cash! A slut is a party girl who will sleep with just about anyone. Although from time to time she has been known to turn a guy down. She's just looking to have a good time with some biker bad boys. Now get this because it might help you to stop stepping on your dick. Many a slut has been known to change their randy ways making themselves over. Moreover many a slut aka party girl have been known to settle down becoming a well respected ole ladies and wives. What you don't think people can change? Give a girl a break! just remember when tossing that word around you may be offending your brother or his ole lady!

Snitch -

Sonny Barger - Infamous Hells' Angel and former Oakland chapter president now residing in Arizona is the man that some recognize as the clubs visionary. It has been said that the clubs national and worldwide success goes back to the nineteen seventies and his vision.

Spinner -
Spun -
Supporter -
Taking The Boots - ion.
Territory -
Three Piece Patch -

Titty Bar - This is a bar specializing in entertainment for men. Kind of like toys R us for boys because they can see titty's in all shapes and sizes. These establishments are also known as strip club's or gentleman's club (not that you'll find too many gentlemen in the place). The stripper's shake their money makers for fun and profit. These women are known as dancers or pole dancers, strippers and in the case of some bikers I have known, they are called meal ticket aka Honey or Baby!

Train -
Tramp Stamp -
Treasurer -
Trick -
Tune Up -
Turnout -
Under the Radar - I
Unsanctioned -
Warlord -
White Lining -
Whore -

The complete version of this biker dictionary is now available on Amazon. I have also included Six Shooter Sally's Biker Etiquette for your reading and laughing pleasure. I also wanted to thank those of you who have returned time and again for all your support and for spreading the word. Hope to see you on the road someday Ride Safe, Always L & R SSS
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